Cement Manufacturing Excellence
Operating Plants Efficiently
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Assessment and monitoring of cement manufacturing performance are conducted on performance indicators covering the main fields in cement manufacturing - Production Capacity, Product Quality, Maintenance, Thermal Energy Management, Electrical Energy Management, Production Cost, Environmental Performance and OH&S.

Cement Manufacturing Process

To ensure that operations run efficiently, Techport helps ACC and ACL in deploying an exacting process and product quality control system. At the same time, we are committed towards protecting the environment and work in conjunction with group companies to eliminate negative industrial footprints. The objective is to promote a safe workplace and healthy living conditions for employees and the community in areas of operation. Specific Holcim 'Tools' are employed for measuring the fitness of plants on a needs basis.

Support on operating plants efficiently covers Raw Materials Management, Product Quality Management, Production Management, Maintenance/spare parts Management, Better cost Management, Improvement Programs and long-term Plant Management.

Techport works towards:

  • Setting global manufacturing targets and monitoring Group's overall manufacturing performance
  • Analyzing and improving cement plant operations (processes, equipment, products, organization)
  • Organizing technical training and development of key personnel
  • Promoting use of alternative fuels and raw materials
  • Recommending application of cost effective environmental technologies